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Marble Workers in Nelson, Georgia

A lot of folks ask us what workers' comp is and why it exists. Let's be honest, most workers never see the system in action because they never get hurt. We love that. When safety is a priority, workers are protected. That should be all of our goal. At times, however, accidents are inevitable. We represent workers from virtually every industry in Georgia. Some of those jobs, like a firefighter for example, are inherently dangerous so work-related injuries are common. It is equally true that nurses, doctors, teachers, lawyers, therapists, and other such workers can get injured on their jobs. We are proud to represent them all.

The Workers' Compensation system in Georgia was enacted by our legislature in 1920. Before that, injured workers had to wait years before getting any relief for their injuries. As a result, a system was developed in an attempt to ensure an injured worker obtains quick medical treatment and, thus, a speedy recovery. Hence, our current workers' compensation system was born! Today, every employer in Georgia with three or more employees must carry workers' compensation coverage for their employees. 

Over the next few weeks, we will discuss how workers' compensation works today. We hope to help educate you and help you understand your rights and benefits in Georgia. After all, protecting Georgia's injured workers is all we do!

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