Frequently Asked Questions in Georgia Workers’ Compensation:


Q: What employers are covered by Workers' Compensation insurance in Georgia?

A: Any employer who has three (3) or more employees is required to have Workers' Compensation insurance.

Q: What employees get benefits through the Workers' Compensation Act?

A: Any employee, except farm workers, rail workers, or prisoners, are entitled to benefits when he or she is injured in the course and in the scope of his or her employment.

Q: What benefits do injured workers get?

A: Medical treatment, wage replacement benefits, and a permanent impairment rating.

Q: Do injured workers get “pain and suffering” recovery?

A. No.

Q: Can injured workers treat with any doctor they choose?

A: Not likely. If there is a proper Panel of Physicians posted and the injured worker is trained on how to use the Panel, they must use doctors listed there.

Q: What happens if the employer or their insurance carrier will not provide benefits?

A: Injured workers have rights. If those rights are being violated, a petition for a hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge is possible.

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