Injured on the job? Start here!

If you’ve suffered an injury on the job, here are your first steps:

1. REPORT your injury as soon as possible to a supervisor;

2. ASK for the Panel of Physicians, which is a list of doctors your employer must have;

3. COMMUNICATE with your employer; let them know how you are feeling.

If your employer will not accept your report, ignores you, or will not provide you with the doctors you may see, contact us!

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How we can help

The Workers’ Compensation system can be daunting. Do not go it alone! We can help coordinate your medical care with the best possible doctors and maximize your recovery. The insurance company will have lawyers working on your case immediately. Shouldn’t you?

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About Georgia Workers' Compensation

The workers’ compensation system in Georgia was created by statute to deliver fast and effective medical care to injured workers. The system provides medical care, wage replacement benefits, and compensation for permanent injury.

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The Law Office of Matthew C. Jordan is a service-based law firm with locations in Atlanta and Athens, GA, devoted exclusively to the representation of injured workers throughout Georgia.

The Law Office of Matthew C. Jordan is devoted solely to helping Georgia's injured workers. The Georgia Workers' Compensation system is complicated and confusing. You do not need to navigate it alone! Get answers to all of your questions and have an advocate in your corner. With offices in Atlanta and Athens, our firm is equipped to assist injured workers throughout Georgia.

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